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Photo by Maria Orlova on Pexels.com

Openthinker Organization

“Our project, TOP Framework, is based on an Openthinker Organization, which is a group of professionals and partners dedicated to promoting the dissemination of research and knowledge to the public. Our focus is on developing new forms of leadership and cultural intelligence in the era of digital transformation. We leverage the latest advanced technologies and future organizations to create human-centric environments within companies, with customers, and in the community.

Our goal is to act as an accelerator for industrial districts that are falling behind the pace of innovation. We seek to engage with partners, companies, institutions, and communities beyond our organization to inform public discourse and influence policy.

As an Openthinker Organization, we aim to foster a culture of openness, curiosity, and dialogue among researchers and society. We provide an environment for training and platforms for researchers to communicate their ideas, innovations, and opinions in accessible and engaging ways.

We also help researchers and our partners to build their skills and networks for future careers, whether in academia, industry, or beyond. Finally, as an Openthinker Organization, we are committed to advancing the social impact and relevance of research.”