Avoiding Ineffective Teams: How to Select the Right Members Using Kolb and Spiral Dynamics

Spiral Dynamics model Spiral Dynamics model proposes that human beings evolve through eight different levels of consciousness, each with its own distinct characteristics, values, and worldviews. These levels are represented by different colors in the Spiral Dynamics model, as follows: Beige: The first level, characterized by survival instincts and basic needs. Purple: The second level, characterized by a […]

Combining Kolb and Spiral Dynamics: A Practical Guide to Managing Teams

Managing a team is a complex task that requires an understanding of each team member’s strengths and weaknesses, communication styles, and learning preferences. The Kolb Learning Style Inventory and Spiral Dynamics are two models that can help managers gain insights into their team members’ personalities, learning styles, and behavior patterns. By combining these two models, […]